Empowering Kids

This 30-lesson course empowers kids to creativity and effectively use the art of photography to tell the stories around them.

About SnapShop Kids

SnapShop founder Ashley Campbell is a mom to 5 kids: 3 boys and 2 girls. She thinks kids are pretty much the coolest people on the planet and created this course with her kids and their friends in mind.

SnapShop Kids is a 30 lesson, self-paced photography course designed for kids.

Kids will learn basic things like exposure, how to focus, and common composition rules. We go over the differences in lighting and how to capture fun things like movement and water. Students will take time to capture specific things related to their daily lives – like what they are thankful for and how to tell their story through photography. We also discuss respecting others with our cameras and ways to use photography as a gift for others. We encourage students to share what they are learning with their parents and give prompts for family discussions related to photography.

How does it work?

All content is text and image based and can be divided up over a month, 5 days for 6 weeks, or whatever works best for your schedule. Each lesson takes about 10 minutes to read, but additional time for practice is recommended.

Who is it for?

Adults know the kids in their lives best, but we recommend ages 8-12. Kids younger could participate with help. Older teens and adults are welcomed to join in too (or take our phone course).

What is it like?

Lessons begin with basic concepts, then get more advanced. Each lesson has practice ideas and is designed for phones, tablets, and basic cameras using Auto settings.

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Can I participate with my child?

Absolutely. The course can be done alone, but we encourage parents and siblings to do the lessons together. SnapShop Kids is actually really fun way to spend time together and learn alongside each other.